An Eclectic Family Home in Springfield, Missouri

Jay and Sarah Sandidge (Sarah writes for Lovely Chaos and A Birth Story Blog) and their two children, 4-year-old Lula and 2-year-old Diesel, have lived in this home in Springfield, Missouri for the past three years. The family fell in love with how large the bedrooms are for an old house, and they amplified that feeling of openness by taking down some walls and moving a staircase. When it came time to furnish the home, Sarah wanted it to feel lived in. She loves old things and wanted her home

Before & After: Sarah’s Kitchen + Bedroom Renovation

Today’s second makeover comes from Sarah Sandidge. Three years ago Sarah and her husband Jay bought a 1930s home that was, in her words, “tragically outdated”. The layout felt crowded and awkward, but they saw potential in the spaces so Jay worked weekends and week nights (while Sarah was pregnant and caring for their two year-old) to renovate their space over the course of two years to get it where it is today. Today we’re sharing two spaces that got a major modern work over: the kitchen and

All the Light We Cannot See (Discussion)

Hi, guys! I hope you all enjoyed this book as much as I did. For me, trying to pick out one book to read is like picking out my favorite star…I pretty much like them all because they’re all brilliant in their own way! (OK…maybe not ALL, but you get the idea.) But after reading reviews about All the Light We Cannot See, if felt like the right one for this month’s book club. I’ve read so many WWII/Holocaust novels both fiction and nonfiction, watched documentaries, seen movies, been to museums an

Living With Kids: Sarah Sandidge, Revisited

Remember Sarah? She showed us what life really looks like when you’re living with kids during a major home renovation. She also took my breath away with photos of their toddler daughter helping rewire the kitchen’s electrical (Not really! She was completely safe!), but Sarah just laughed at my worry (Really. She is completely cool like that.) As she told us, “I’m planning to create a checklist to determine if you are emotionally and mentality capable of handling renovations with small children!

At Home With Sarah Sandidge

Our next guest in our "At Home With" series is Sarah Sandidge! Sarah is here today to share her lovely living area with us. "My husband, our two sweet children (Lula – 4, Diesel – 2), and I bought a lovely little home built in the 1930s about three years ago and have been renovating voraciously since day one. I was five weeks pregnant with Diesel when we moved in and he was actually born in the room that is now his. So this house is pretty special to us for that reason alone. Not to mention all

Let's Get Muddy! Third Annual Mud Festival in Perryville, MO

We all know kids love to play in the mud and water. Give them a reason to get dirty, and they will jump at the chance. That’s why the third annual “Let’s Keep It Clean” Mud Festival in Perryville, MO will be such a big hit. On Saturday, July 14 kids will have the freedom to get as muddy and dirty as they want and can even win a prize for being the muddiest! The festival is designed to “encourage children to support recycling and keep the area clean and free from litter.” To participate, everyon

Fancy Footwear for Baby Boy

A common complaint I hear among my mom friends is how difficult it is to find cute, unique clothes for boys. It’s true that finding unique clothes for baby boys is harder than finding unique clothes for girls. Girls have so much more variety. For my little guy, I usually stick to basics and mix and match interesting colors and bold graphics for a unique look. But when it comes to shoes, I’m stumped! Since my little guy just started walking, thus far he’s only worn socks or booties. And while he

Durable Striped Basics from Hanna Andersson

As a mom of a little girl and baby boy, stylish, affordable, and durable clothing is an important factor in our daily lives. As a fashion contributor, children’s boutique owner, and fashion blog writer, of course I want my children to look their best and I have a strong eye for current trends, but I also want their clothes to last through their rough and tumble daily adventures. That’s why Hanna Andersson has become one of our favorite brands, especially for those regularly worn basics. With th

Summer Fashion: Unique Swimwear for Baby, Boys, and Girls

It’s summer time! And that means lots of days at the pool and beach staying cool in the water. Kids are naturally attracted to water whether it’s bath time or splashing in puddles after a warm summer rain. It’s one of the places where they can make a mess and no one seems to care. We might even join them! Because they spend so much time outdoors and in the water, it’s necessary to have swimwear available. Usually one swimsuit will do, but if you have a water baby, several pieces may be in order

Summer Gear Part 1: Latest Trends in Sunglasses

School is out and summer is right around the corner. Spending sunny days at the pool and at the beach means a whole new set of accessories and gear to beat the heat. Sunglasses are always a necessary accessory to block those harmful rays, and it’s especially important for young ones. But did you know that all sunglasses are not created equal? According to Sons + Daughter’s Eyewear: “Children’s eyes are even more sensitive to light and the harmful rays produced from the sun. Simply using darken

Living With Kids: Sarah Sandidge

One of my favorite qualities in a friend is the ability to find happiness. No matter how much rain falls, she waits happily for the rainbow. No matter how much trash piles up around her, she spots the treasure. No matter how much chaos fills her life, she always seems to keep calm. I imagine Sarah would make the perfect friend. When she asked if my readers might like to see what it’s honestly like living with kids during a major home renovation, I immediately said yes. And when she sent a photo